Wine Festival in Tuscany - Calici di Stelle: 5th – 11th August 2013

Wine Festival in Tuscany - Glasses below the stars
Every year in August there is a day that astronomies know well : the 10th of August, in other words San Lorenzo, the night of the falling stars. This date is not famous just for them: it’s believed that those who will see a falling star can express a desire…that will come true. Lovers of all ages meet in this warm summer night, spending hours watching the sky, hoping to catch one of the famous stars and therefore express a wish (of love??).

calici di stelle

Since several years in Italy the organization Movimento Turismo del vino and Città del vino put together this habit to another one, very appreciated, “Calici sotto le stelle (glasses below the stars). During the night of San Lorenzo, the 10th of August, and in the previous and following days, in Italy the square get populated of wine producers, which will offer wine glasses to make this special night even better.
The wine cellars opens, and small local events organized – such as jazz music concerts or theater performance – to recreate those who have the wish to spend some hours  out of home hoping in the good fate and indeed in the good sight!
Every region has its own events for “Calici sotto le Stelle”, but in Tuscany – home of the good wines – there is the biggest choice. Many small villages spread out across the Maremma and Chianti get crowded of stand to taste wines for few Euros. Majority of time taste of Tuscan food is available too.
A place to go? Montepulciano, area of Vino Nobile: in Piazza Grande square more than 50 stands to sip red wines of the area, and along the street of the town, typically medieval, there is a market for hand made stuff or for antique trades.


If you prefer to go to visit a wine company, a wine cellar or the barriccaia, and get introduced on how to produce good wine we advise you to go to Villa Cafaggio in Panzano in Chianti or San Fabiano Calcinaia in Castellina in Chianti, between Florence and Siena. Afterwards, with your own glasses and a good blanket, laid down over a field and watch the sky to catch the stars!

Calici di Stelle :5th – 11th August 2013
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