Walking in Tuscany - on the tracks of the Francigena Way -

Many people are familiar with the “Santiago de Compostela” pilgrimage route, in Spain, as a unique walking spiritual and religious itinerary; but not everyone knows that even in Italy there is a similar pilgrimage itinerary, retracing an ancient religious path: the Francigena route.

Via Francigena Route

Via Francigena Route - Tuscany

This peculiar name refers to an ancient path travelled by the pilgrims during the medieval era, and it is also famous for the Archbishop of Canterbury, whom arrived to Rome, after he have been walking this route for more than 1600 km.

Via Franchigena, Monteriggioni view

Via Franchigena

Part of this route passes through the beautiful countryside of the Tuscany Region nearby the renowned cities of Lucca, San Miniato, San Gimignano, Monteriggioni and Siena. Unfortunately, it is not very easy to locate the original trail: in many cases it has been covered by modern asphalted roads, or in other cases it is hidden by the wooded vegetation or the cultivated fields (you might be walking along the vineyards where the famous Brunello di Montalcino is produced! ). Therefore might be a good idea turning to a professional agency such as the “Walk About Tuscany” in order to have a competent guide following you along this route. A specialized guide will accompany you along the paths of the ancient pilgrims giving you the chance to live an ancient feeling, making you listen to the gregorian chants of the friars in the Abbey of Sant’Antimo and narrating you the history of Monteriggioni, stronghold that marked the border between the two Cities of Siena and Florence, constantly struggling between each other. Nevertheless you will be provided with several recommendations about the best traditional restaurants along the way!

If you don’t have enough time available you can also purchase a half day tour (4 hours only) or a whole day in order to be able to visit only a part of this route, grasping the most interesting details of its history.

Each tour is customized for each participant and organized on the basis of the tourists’ requests. Gianni, a guide specialized into naturalistic visits, will follow you during the whole tour and he will tell you everything you would like to know about our beautiful Region of Tuscany.

Don’t be surprised if some farmer will offer you a fruit or a glass of water as soon as they will recognize that you are travelling on the pilgrims’ route. Tuscany is fascinating even for this!
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