Tuscany toast at the summer party 2013

Take note of the date: 24th August 2013. For the first time ever, in the whole Tuscany there will be a collective toast to celebrate the summer. Doesn’t matter if you will be on the seaside, over the beautiful beaches of the Versilia, or in one of the art cities, such as Florence or Pisa, or otherwise in the middle of the Tuscan countryside, in a one of the small town of the Chianti….lift up your glass and make a “cin-cin” (Italians use to say that touching the glasses of the others).

What is it exactly? It’s an event wanted by the Region of Tuscany, together with the local newspaper La Nazione. The full name of the initiative is “Toscana Arcobaleno d’Estate”  (Tuscany summer rainbow) to point out that after the clouds of the economic crisis, the sun always rises and with it maybe even the rainbow!
The idea has been presented in Florence with short notice, but registered a big interest from all parties involved, like cultural, trade and tourist council members. In few hours many ideas came across to make the event richer of related events. Still an official program has not been issued, but our advice is just be ready: the night of the 24th of August the atmosphere in Tuscany will be thrilling!
The event will take place in the whole region, at the same time, at aperitif time.
Make your glasses ready for the toast!

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