Florence Aperitif in the Museums - Aperitivi ad Arte

Aperitif in the museums - Best Places for an “aperitif” in Florence ( “Aperitivi ad Arte” )
Just image of admiring the David of Michelangelo whilst sipping a tasteful Chianti or otherwise to discover the masterpieces of Raffaello inside the red rooms of the Uffizi, and then climb up to the top floor of the terrace with sight over the Dome and drinking a Martini at the ringing bells time.
Impossible? Not at all, because during the summer (till September) it would be possible to participate to one of the “Aperitivi ad Arte” that will take place in some of the most famous Florentine museums.
The museums joining the event are three: Galleria degli Uffizi, Galleria dell’Accademia, where is exposed the original David of Michelangelo (the statues in Piazza Signoria and in Piazzale Michelangelo are copies) and Bargello, the museum of the most famous statues of Rinascimento.

aperitif in Florence

The days where this event will take place are usually within the middle of the week: Continue reading

Florence, the location of the new Dan Brown’s book

The world-famous American writer Dan Brown, author of best sellers such as “The Da Vinci Code” (80 millions of copies sold around the world) and “Angels& Demons”, chose Florence as location for his new intriguing thriller “Inferno”.

Inferno Dan Brown

The title is clearly referred to the “Divina Commedia” of Dante Alighieri, and indeed through the pages, many are the places, the quotes and the tributes to the poets and to his most relevant work.
Robert Langdon is still the main character, but this time he is in Florence chasing same odd clues and at the same time trying to run away from some dodgy blokes who want him dead. The entire story is developed across the narrow medieval streets of the old city, the Duomo square, Palazzo Vecchio and the Boboli garden. Continue reading

Dei Medici Villas. Get information about villas near Florence

“Dei Medici” Villas
The de’Medici family has been one of the most influent families in the history of Florence and Tuscany in general. Become rich with their banks business and during the years they increase their economic and politic power; they ruled Florence for decades (until 1738, when Lorena family took over).

Dei Medici Villas

Dei Medici Villas

Belong to de’ Medici family, two popes and two French queens.
One of the main aspects of the family was their capacity to sustain artists, who created and expanded the Renaissance all over the world: below the family protection many influent Italian artists had worked and grew up: Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and many others. Continue reading

Florence May Events 2013

May is one of the best month to visit Tuscany, and especially Florence, not only for the weather (it’s not too much hot yet like in July and August, but it’s reasonable warm to go out with a t-shirt and shorts) but even for the numbers of events in calendar.
All have heard about the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino: the famous music festival that since 76 editions brings to the spectators lyric, ballets and classic music masterpieces. For the 2013 the expectation for the upcoming Giuseppe Verdi Opera show is growing: the Don Carlo (from 2nd to 12nd of May) and the Macbeth from 17th to the 25th of June.
For those who love the classic music instead, the concert of 11st of May, directed by Zubin Metha, and the ones of 4th of May directed by Claudio Abbado: in schedule Richard Wagner (Tannhäuser, Ouverture), Giuseppe Verdi (Te Deum), Hector Berlioz (Symphonie Fantastique op. 14).
For Info: http://www.maggiofiorentino.it
In addition to cultural events, in May there are few wine&food events that deserved a visit to Florence just for themselves. The most famous are the ice-cream festival and Winetown.

Italia Gelato Tour

Italia Gelato Tour

The Italia Gelato Tour is an exhibition held in different Italian cities,.. Continue reading

Leonardo meets the new technologies

Anchiano - Vinci - Birthplace of Leonardo

Anchiano (Vinci). Birthplace of Leonardo

After a major renovation the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci in Anchiano, a symbol of the bond of Leonardo with his land, reopened last summer to the public with many new features. The restoration, maintained by the management of the Leonardo Museum, have produced an exhibition of new exposition concept that utilizes the latest multimedia technology to propose a “special” and interactive meeting with Leonardo and his painting and graphics. Continue reading