Autumn in Tuscany - Exhibitions truffles in Tuscany

An autumnal Tuscany to be tasted: between Siena and Pisa, discovering the best truffle.
We are getting into the autumn; days get shorter, the woods get colored by warm and reddish shades and the ground becomes enrich of the “diamond of the ground”: the truffle. Also this year, Tuscany, rich of the precious tuber, celebrates the seasonal fruits organizing events and exhibition in the white truffle picking areas, the most well-known. Between Siena and Pisa there will be several shows that the lovers of gastronomy and gourmand can’t miss. Tasting, exhibitions, contests will be focused on tradition and gastronomy. Let’s start recommending the 43rd Mostra Mercato del Tartufo Bianco a San Miniato (9-10 | 16-17 | 23-24 November 2013).  An itinerary 2km long, a kind of open-air laboratory of the taste, within old hamlets and historical squares in the city, which holds the record for the world biggest truffle ever found (2kg and 18 notches). More than tasting and exhibition of products, usually the biggest truffle unearthed and the oldest “truffle-discoverer” get awarded, cooking contests, guided tours and conventions are organized. The truffle is obviously at the centre of the show, but also other local specialities are celebrated, like wine and olive oil, in a typical Tuscan way. The warm and welcoming atmosphere allows the visitors to taste the local delicacies and fall in love with the territory. For further information get in touch with the Fondazione San Miniato Promozione ( Let’s move on with our “truffle tour” in another area famous for its truffles, with the 28° edition of Mostra Mercato del Tartufo Bianco delle Crete Senesi (9-10 | 16-17  Novembre 2013). Also this year, at San Govanni D’Asso, culture and gastronomy will stand together. Through the street of this hamlet you will not find the scent of wine, but the scent of truffle, coming from the several stands, tasting points, kitchens of restaurants; music, art shops, local craftsmanship, local products, shows and other cultural events. Regarding the aspect of the tasting, the agenda is very tight and variegated. Saturday the 9th and the 16th, the visitor will be guided through a tour, to discover and taste products made by the local company on the territory (booking in advance is mandatory, max 15 seats). Still Saturday 9th and the following day, Sunday 10th, dedicated tasting session for local cheese, “pecorini senesi”, with designated wines of Consorzio Orcia. Again on Sunday 10th, experimental tasting of uncommon combination of hand-crafted truffle ice creams and spirits. Saturday 16th, dedicated to truffle, coffee and chocolate. All the tasting is free of charge, but booking is mandatory. During the two Sundays, those coming from other cities will make a dive in the past, if they will decide to come with the old steam train: Sunday the 10th the train will depart from Siena, instead the 17th will depart from Grosseto. Finally we have to recommend the “XVI Mostra Mercato del tartufo Bianco” hold within the festival “Volterragusto”, at Volterra (26-27 October, 1-2-3 November).  In the scenery of the beautiful Etruscan city you will encounter a rich itinerary, where among with the local truffle, you can taste a lot of different delicacies, such as wine, olive oil, bread, cheese, salami, ham, chocolate and much more, presented directly by the local producers. Delicacies for the mouth and for the sight, it’s rare have both as the tasting sessions will be hold surrounded by architectural beauty. Don’t miss the chance of follow the local truffle producers and their truffle hound during a day where you will get introduced into the secrets of this activity. The event will come along Sbandieratori (“flag throwers”) e Musicisti Città di Volterra and “Palio dei caci” (Sunday 27th October at 15.00), a race where the different “contrade” of Volterra will challenge themselves on rolling their cheese along a route.

For info: Options are many. Good food, nature and culture: an autumnal Tuscany offering its magnificence to be tasted. All we can say more is have a safe trip and enjoy your visit! The most rare tuber into scenery of rare beauty.

For info about accommodations near the exhibitions: Tuscany Accommodations

San Rossore estate - Parco natural regionale di Migliarino, San Rossore

In Tuscany there are so many WWF parks and oasis. One of the most beautiful is certainly the Parco natural regionale di Migliarino – San Rossore – Massaciuccoli, an extended protected area of more than 23.000 hectares, across the Tuscan shore, roughly between Livorno, Pisa and Viareggio.

San Rossore

At south it’s delimited by Arno’s mouth and at north by Serchio river: it host natural reserves, lakes, ponds and protected areas where fauna and flora are preserved.
Tenuta San Rossore (estate) is one of the areas more accessible. Continue reading

Ice Cream Festival in Florence 2013. Firenze Gelato Festival

Florence Ice Cream Festival was founded in 2010 and this year reaches its fourth edition . This year the Firenze Gelato Festival will be in Florence historical centre from May 17th until 26th, 2013.

Florence Ice Cream Festival

At the Firenze Gelato Festival will gather the best ice cream makers and industry Continue reading

Flowers Exhibition in Florence - Garden of Horticulture Florence 2013

Flowers Exhibition in Florence
Even this year the Tuscan Society of Horticulture, established in the 1854, organize in Florence an exhibition of plants and flowers from 25th of April to the 1st of May 2013. About 60 exhibitors and plants producers coming mainly from Tuscany, but from other Italian regions as well will take part to the event. The main character will be the flowers, plants but even biological products and handcrafted goods will have their visibility.
Among the new products of 2013, it will be possible admiring carnivorous plants, lavenders, grasses family plants for collections, some variety of antique or particularly fruits plants (our preferred one is “Buddha’s Hand”) and other few types of plants and pots.

The Horticultural Gardens in Florence

The Horticultural Gardens in Florence

To be highlighted: the 25th of April, the opening day, the mayor of Florence will attend the launch of the new Tepidario of Roster, which its renovation has just been Continue reading

Springtime in Florence - CONCERTS AND OTHER SHOWS

It is Spring Time … finally … looking the sun on Florence we try to suggest you some of the most important events, exhibitions, sports events and concerts, in our beautiful city:


- April 16 Elio and Le Storie Tese - Obihall
- 18 and 19 April Gianna Nannini - Nelson Mandela Forum
- April 25 Harlem Globetrotters - Nelson Mandela Forum
- April 27 Raphael Gualazzi - Teatro Verdi
- 17 and 18 May Modà - Nelson Mandela Forum
- May 23 Marco Mengoni - Teatro Verdi
- May 31 Joe Satriani - Obihall
- July 16 Skunk Anansie - Obihall
- From May 31 to June 2 Moto Gp  Autodromo Mugello

The tickets can be found and Online Stores TicketOne

Skunk Anansie

Skunk Anansie


- The spring of the Renaissance. The sculpture and the arts in Florence FLORENCE Continue reading

Hot air balloon flight in Tuscany - qualified operator in Tuscany

Idea Balloon established in 1994, is a certified commercial air operator of hot air balloons, with 20 years of passenger flights experience, meeting people from all over the world and is the most qualified operator in Tuscany and with Associazione Aerostatica Toscana training pilots for the Lindstrand Balloon ltd , one of the world most important balloons manufacturer.

Balloon Flights

Hot Air Balloon Tuscany

Meeting with us is enjoying ballooning and see Tuscany from another perspective… Continue reading

The Viareggio Carnival

Who said that you can have a good time at the seaside only during Summertime? There is an event going on in the coast of Tuscany during the Winter season, exactly between late January and early February, attracting thousands of people every year. This event is the renowned as

Carnival of Viareggio

The Carnival of Viareggio, Versilia

The Carnival of Viareggio, an event that have been taking place for 139 years.
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The historic Florentine Football

On February 17, 1530 Piazza Santa Croce in Florence was the scene of one of the most important challenges of the Florentine Republic to the Emperor Charles V: the population - besieged since many months by the imperial troops – defiantly decided to organize a football game, giving the impression of not considering the Empire army worthy of attention.

The reenactment of that day, which is celebrated in Florence in our times, refers to that important football match applying the rules of the Renaissance era and is played by the four historic districts of Florence. Continue reading