The Teatro del Silenzio (or Theatre of Silence), Lajatico, Tuscany

The Teatro del Silenzio (or Theatre of Silence) in Lajatico
Who has never heard about Andrea Bocelli, Italian tenor very talented? He is famous around the world because he managed to get opera close to masses, using his unique style, able to merge light music together with his tenor skills. His most famous song is probably “Con te partirò” that has been proposed in an English version too with Sarah Brightman “Time To Say Goodbye”. His live performance have won over millions of people all over the world: from Pavarotti’s funeral, through performance with Mary J. Blige and Grammy Awards in support of Haiti, to the royal wedding of Alberto II of Monaco. In 2010 his name has been included into the Walk of Fame at Hollywood.
Not everybody know that Bocelli hails from Tuscany, exactly from Lajatico, a small town in Pisa’s district, not too far from Volterra.

Teatro del Silenzio (or Theatre of Silence )

Right here Andrea Bocelli decided to set “Il Teatro del Silenzio”, an innovative project that put together art, culture and territory. Already at its 8th edition, it is an event that takes place inside a huge natural amphitheatre made up by Tuscan hills surrounding Lajatico, where a single show is scheduled for only one day during the year, and for the rest of the time the countryside get back to its natural silent state. The stage is rigged up and rigged down every year, such as the platforms for spectators.
Above this striking stage unforgettable performances took place in the past years, with internationally renowned artists: dancer like Roberto Bolle, pianist like Lang Lang or singer as Noa and Laura Pausini: among contemporary artworks of Igor Mitoraj, Arnaldo Pomodoro and Venio Santoni.
The event was able to gather 11.000 spectators in the last edition, the majority foreign.
A unique way to enjoy the beauty of Tuscan countryside: listening to the Bocelli’s music and voice, surrounded by enchanting hills, with cypress, is an unforgettable experience.
Do not miss the next edition: 13rd of July, 2013.
Tickets are already available on VivaTicket website: prices starting from a minimum of 67.50€ up to 360€.
More info here:
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  1. How far is this location from Lucca? What is the price in American money? Thank you.

  2. I need list of hotels in easy reach of theatro del silenzio maybe 3 night deals, when Andrea Bocelli concert is released for 2014

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