5 wonderful views of Florence

5 wonderful views of Florence from: terraces, squares, strategic points, penthouses for rent, accommodations:

1- Giardino delle Rose http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giardino_delle_rose_(Firenze)

Florence Giardino delle Rose

2- Terrazza Fiesole Apartment. Holiday apartment with view. http://www.tuscanyaccommodations.org/uk/Florence_Apartments-7/Fiesole_Apartments-6/Terrazza_Fiesole_Apartment-270/

Terrazza Fiesole Apartment

3- Piazzale Michelangelo, Florence (Michelangelo Square). The main square of Continue reading

10 stunning boutique apartments in Florence

10 stunning boutique apartments for holiday in Florence. Transformed by the best Italian architects:

Terrazza Duomo Apartment:

Florence Apartment

Apartment with panoramic view and a Fiat 500 inside the living-room. Listen: http://www.tuscanyaccommodations.org/uk/Florence_Apartments-7/Piazza_Duomo_Apartments-7/Terrazza_Duomo_Apartment-300/

Piazza Signoria Apartment:

Apartment Piazza Signoria Florence

Elegant studio in Piazza Signoria, 100 meters from the Uffizi Gallery. Listen: Continue reading

A good coffee or a tea in Tuscany ( Florence, Siena, Arezzo, Livorno, Pisa )

A good coffee or a tea in Tuscany

If you are walking about the art Tuscan cities and you fancy for a break, check out the following list of bars and cafés which deserve to be visited.

In Florence, the central Piazza della Repubblica host some of the historic cafè of the city, opened since more than two centuries: the Giubbe Rosse, in the past a meeting bar for artists and intellectuals, the Paszkowski where in the summer evenings there is a piano bar, and the Caffé Gilli, a liberty gem opened back in the 1733.

Caffe Giacosa Florence

If you are looking for a more modern alternative, then walk in the Giocosa, inside the shop of the Florentine stylist Roberto Cavalli. On dit that in this bar the cocktail Continue reading

Christmas in Tuscany. Markets in Florence and the environs

Christmas in Tuscany
Christmas is very close and almost all cities of Tuscany have been decorated with lights, Christmas’s trees, markets and nativity scenes.

Christmas in Florence

In Florence, in Piazza Santa Croce, you could immerse into Christmas’s atmosphere with German’s street market, composed by traditional wooden stalls where you will find handcrafted and gastronomic goods from all over the Europe.

Piazza Santa Croce
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Florence Aperitif in the Museums - Aperitivi ad Arte

Aperitif in the museums - Best Places for an “aperitif” in Florence ( “Aperitivi ad Arte” )
Just image of admiring the David of Michelangelo whilst sipping a tasteful Chianti or otherwise to discover the masterpieces of Raffaello inside the red rooms of the Uffizi, and then climb up to the top floor of the terrace with sight over the Dome and drinking a Martini at the ringing bells time.
Impossible? Not at all, because during the summer (till September) it would be possible to participate to one of the “Aperitivi ad Arte” that will take place in some of the most famous Florentine museums.
The museums joining the event are three: Galleria degli Uffizi, Galleria dell’Accademia, where is exposed the original David of Michelangelo (the statues in Piazza Signoria and in Piazzale Michelangelo are copies) and Bargello, the museum of the most famous statues of Rinascimento.

aperitif in Florence

The days where this event will take place are usually within the middle of the week: Continue reading

Florence, the location of the new Dan Brown’s book

The world-famous American writer Dan Brown, author of best sellers such as “The Da Vinci Code” (80 millions of copies sold around the world) and “Angels& Demons”, chose Florence as location for his new intriguing thriller “Inferno”.

Inferno Dan Brown

The title is clearly referred to the “Divina Commedia” of Dante Alighieri, and indeed through the pages, many are the places, the quotes and the tributes to the poets and to his most relevant work.
Robert Langdon is still the main character, but this time he is in Florence chasing same odd clues and at the same time trying to run away from some dodgy blokes who want him dead. The entire story is developed across the narrow medieval streets of the old city, the Duomo square, Palazzo Vecchio and the Boboli garden. Continue reading

Seeing Florence from the bottom with the Renaioli

Once upon a time the “renaioli”: men who used to gather the “rena” from the Arno river, moving with a small boat with a flat bottom, along the river, between Pontassieve and Signa, using a long climbing pole to make the boat moving (yes, a similar way used by gondoliers of Venice!!).


As often happens, the tradition went lost, until a day has been decided to give another chance to this custom. Continue reading

Ice Cream Festival in Florence 2013. Firenze Gelato Festival

Florence Ice Cream Festival was founded in 2010 and this year reaches its fourth edition . This year the Firenze Gelato Festival will be in Florence historical centre from May 17th until 26th, 2013.

Florence Ice Cream Festival

At the Firenze Gelato Festival will gather the best ice cream makers and industry Continue reading

Golf Courts in Tuscany

Golf Courts in Tuscany
Tuscany is a region truly loved by those who play golf. Its variegated landscape, with wavy hills adorned by cypresses and olive trees, shore lines, allows to create an unmatched set where playing golf is absolutely pleasant.

Golf in Tuscany

Golf in Tuscany

Where can you play golf in Tuscany then? Below the list of the main 18 holes courses.
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Flowers Exhibition in Florence - Garden of Horticulture Florence 2013

Flowers Exhibition in Florence
Even this year the Tuscan Society of Horticulture, established in the 1854, organize in Florence an exhibition of plants and flowers from 25th of April to the 1st of May 2013. About 60 exhibitors and plants producers coming mainly from Tuscany, but from other Italian regions as well will take part to the event. The main character will be the flowers, plants but even biological products and handcrafted goods will have their visibility.
Among the new products of 2013, it will be possible admiring carnivorous plants, lavenders, grasses family plants for collections, some variety of antique or particularly fruits plants (our preferred one is “Buddha’s Hand”) and other few types of plants and pots.

The Horticultural Gardens in Florence

The Horticultural Gardens in Florence

To be highlighted: the 25th of April, the opening day, the mayor of Florence will attend the launch of the new Tepidario of Roster, which its renovation has just been Continue reading