San Rossore estate - Parco natural regionale di Migliarino, San Rossore

In Tuscany there are so many WWF parks and oasis. One of the most beautiful is certainly the Parco natural regionale di Migliarino – San Rossore – Massaciuccoli, an extended protected area of more than 23.000 hectares, across the Tuscan shore, roughly between Livorno, Pisa and Viareggio.

San Rossore

At south it’s delimited by Arno’s mouth and at north by Serchio river: it host natural reserves, lakes, ponds and protected areas where fauna and flora are preserved.
Tenuta San Rossore (estate) is one of the areas more accessible.
The estate is really close to Pisa: from the square of leaning tower (Campo dei Miracoli) head toward the sea, along the Aurelia road, even in bicycle if you like, following the Viale alle Cascine. In few km you will be at the entrance of the park.
The entrance is free of charge, but schedules and regulations must be followed by visitors.
Within the estate is possible rent bicycles (for few hours or for the entire day), book a guided tour (by walk, by bicycle or with an electrical train, have a tour on a carriage or simply walking about in the park and get relaxed.
Roads within the area are flat, surrounded by vegetations, with sandy bottoms or paved, hence is an itinerary that suit for those who have kids. In many areas picnics are allowed, with equipped tables. If you don’t like bring sandwiches with you, you’ll find restaurants and cafes, to get hot main courses, fish courses, pizza, etc…
Typical Mediterranean Scrub animals live in the park. In some points there are small frame houses to be used for bird watching, as the area is rich of noteworthy birds like the “gruccione” (European Bee-eater), hoopoe, green woodpecker, small birds of prey, herons and many more. Other animals, harder to spot are foxes, porcupines, badgers, squirrels, fallow deer and wild boars. Even the flora is quiet rich: centuries-old pines, alders, holm oaks, massive poplars will be surrounding you during your walking or cycling tours.
Inside the estate there is a hippodrome and tracks to train thoroughbred horses.
Not far there is a nice building, “La Sterpaia” where you will find the old real stables, commissioned by Savoia family.
In fact, historically this area has been ruled by de’ Medici family around the 1500, as shooting ground, afterward by Lorena around 1700 which started the remediation and finally by Savoia, King of Italy, which back in 1860 decided to make this territory as their personal shooting ground, summer dwell and location for the visit of foreign chiefs of state. Not many know that right on this Italian park, Italy signed the armistice of the Second World War, the 8th September 1943. Today the Tuscan Region is responsible for its managing and decided to open this reserve to everybody.
The only defect of this park is that there is any access point to the sea. Even if very close, is not possible reach the sea! To get close to it, and admire the dunes over the sea, is necessary take aprt to one of the guided tour.

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