Personal Shopper in Florence, Italy.

Shopping with a personal Shopper
Cristina Ferro is a Personal Shopper and Image Consultant who started her activity in Florence in 1997.  She started her activity after her studies at the prestigious Polimoda, the famous School of Fashion in Florence.

personal shopper Florence

personal shopper Florence

A Personal Shopper is a professional offering assistance with shopping, mainly about fashion shopping. It’s the best solution when willing to make quality shopping, but with only a few hours to dedicate to this activity in your journey. Shopping is part of the emotion of travelling: it’s about experiencing new places and new ways of living. One can feel and read the culture of a country even in the streets of a city. This is why we should put ourselves in the hands of a professional who can help and advise you in our choices, and who will make you save your time by organising our day and activities.

Florence Personal Shopper

Florence Personal Shopper has been a professional shopping service

This is a short list of what a Personal Shopper can *** for you: Creation of tailor-made shopping itineraries to fit the needs and interests of the client, Exclusive opening of boutiques/ateliers, Outlet tours The clients from Tuscany Accomodations already know Cristina’s ability on guiding them through the magic discover of Florence’s shops and boutiques. It’s very easy to see the clients of Villa Belfiore and Terrazza Duomo going around in the shopping streets in the heart of the city with Cristina, and looking very satisfied with their bags.

personal shop

Don’t forget that Italy doesn’t just offer fashion designer shopping. It is possible to experience the charm of our centuries-old vocation for craftsmanship by finding unique or costumized items and products, or discover the world of an artist’s studio. And of course, with a Personal Shopper, it’s easier to enjoy a fruitful hunt for houseware, tableware, selecting from among design articles and high-quality craftsmanship. This is another way of penetrating the city and its culture, exploring aspects that are off the beaten tourist track but no less beautiful and precious. It’s nice to think that when we travel we are visiting average places and streets, but that we can capture aspects of reality that are beyond the more average.
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