Lucca Tour and Wine Tasting

Tuscany has just been elected as the best wine destination in the World by Tripadvisor’users. This means that it is nearly absurd planning a vacation in Tuscany without also scheduling a tour linked to the world of wine!

The areas where you can taste the famous Tuscan wines are many and you will recognize that each one of these areas has its own typicality. There is not only the “Chianti” or the “Brunello di Montalcino” wines, and this fact represents a problem for many foreigners finding difficult to discover less touristy and more authentic realities. It is necessary and useful being able to meet the experience of a professional, understanding the needs of an international clientele, so as to be able to explain exactly how to taste a good quality wine. The “Tuscan Tour Guide” around the Lucca Region is the ideal tour for those of you that wish to visit the artistic beauties of Tuscany without parting the chance to join a tour planned to discover the taste of the local wines and the typical local products. The “Lucca winery” tour include a cultural visit to the city of Lucca, which is a pure pearl surrounded by the mediaeval antique walls, today perfectly preserved. Here you can also hire a bike riding on top of the walls and around the center of the city, then you can join your lunch with a complete tasting of the typical local products and the wines from the cellars.

The first part of the tour includes a visit to the small alleys and to the main streets of this ancient Tuscan city, which has been, over the centuries, an important Roman garrison and then even a capital of this Region. Lucca, which has been independent for many centuries, has been living prosperity and cultural vitality periods through the centuries: that is why you can see some enchanting and charming Renaissance Palaces today.

A trained guide will follow you during the entire tour, you will have the opportunity to visit the most beautiful historical and artistic attractions of Lucca, starting with one of the most famous squares in Italy, the Amphitheatre Square, with its unusual oval shape, which stands on the ruins of an ancient roman amphitheater.

Another attraction of this wonderful city, equally charming, is the Church of San Michele, which rises in the area where once upon a time there was the “Roman Forum” (the ancient center of the Roman cities). Inside this church you can admire the splendid “Madonna” by Luca della Robbia and a master piece of Botticelli’s master, Filippino Lippi.

At the end of the tour you will have a bit of time at your disposal to take some pictures, buy some souvenirs or even just relax joining a cappuccino in one of the many elegant bars within the city center.

At the end of the morning the tour continues in the direction of the famous Tuscan countryside, and more precisely in the Montecarlo area, near Lucca, where you can enjoy a typical Tuscan lunch, tasting the culinary specialties cooked for you in a local company. Together with the lunch at last, the wine tasting: thanks to the preparation of Paul Costa you will have the opportunity to taste some of the best Tuscan wines, having the opportunity to distinguish the differences among the selected grapes and their specific characteristics so to be able to understand how to match a specific wine to a given food
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