Leonardo meets the new technologies

Anchiano - Vinci - Birthplace of Leonardo

Anchiano (Vinci). Birthplace of Leonardo

After a major renovation the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci in Anchiano, a symbol of the bond of Leonardo with his land, reopened last summer to the public with many new features. The restoration, maintained by the management of the Leonardo Museum, have produced an exhibition of new exposition concept that utilizes the latest multimedia technology to propose a “special” and interactive meeting with Leonardo and his painting and graphics.While the Leonardo Museum in the village of Vinci, documents the work of Leonardo as inventor, technologist and engineer and the Leonardo Library, also in the city center, is the place where to find the specialist documentation, the birthplace in Anchiano is where to learn about Leonardo as painter and human being.

Last Supper by Leonardo Interactive Description

Through the application “Leonardo Touch” by Centrica, you can investigate, for the first time in Vinci, the knowledge of Leonardo as painter, while – thanks to a sophisticated device, made by the Halta definition - you will be allowed to see and question the ‘Last Dinner’, thanks to a system sensitive to human movement.

Leonardo Hologram in Anchiano

And to know something more about his private life and the relationship with his mother country, Leonardo welcomes the visitors in the form of hologram 1:1 sized. A mix between video, theater and documentary, the hologram, produced by Media Art Studio with a full HD projection system, gives voice to Leonardo since his last home of Amboise in France looks to the past virtually returning to Anchiano in Tuscany to narrate acquaintances , studies and stories that tied him to this land.

Info and schedules:

Open daily from 10:00 to 19:00 (10:00 to 17:00 from November to February).

Entrance fee € 2.00,

Cumulative Birthplace + Museum Leonardo: € 8.00 (Full)

Vinci, Anchiano

phone +39 0571 568012

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