Homes in Tuscany

Lyrical countryside and exquisite art cities have long made Tuscany the most popular region in Italy and, happily, property here remains a strong investment.

Cipressi Tuscany

Ah, Tuscany! Italy’s best-known and most romanticised region. The magical name instantly conjures up visions of burnished hills topped with the exclamation marks of cypress trees; Chianti vineyards arcing their green corduroy over gentle slopes; stout farmhouses in honeyed stone; perfect cathedrals towering above terracotta rooftops; museums full of entrancing canvases.

It’s heady stuff. No wonder a third of all visitors to Italy head straight to Tuscany. This small region holds more UNESCO-recognised treasures of art and architecture than any other country in the world. Add that to its exquisite countryside, and Tuscany’s popularity is easy to understand. But it’s not all vineyards and paintings, of course. Tuscany has its downsides too. Crucially, its most popular locales can be horribly crowded in the summer. Florence, for example, becomes an exhausting scrum. And there are plenty of rural spots where foreign visitors or homeowners far outnumber the indigenous Italian population. But for all this, Tuscany can still offer an unbeatable sense of country idyll, especially to the Brits for whom it’s the Cotswolds with better weather!

Homes in Tuscany

Tuscany remains Italy’s premier region and having a home here is generally regarded ad the pinnacle of Italian Holiday-home aspiration. So what of market ? As you might imagine, this isn’t the cheapest part of Italy in which to buy your dream house. The modern foreign-buyer phenomenon all began in Tuscany, about 40 years ago, and long popularity means a lot of time for prices to rise. Still, not every part of Tuscany is expensive, and there remains considerable scope to find a reasonably-priced home here. Crucially, this is a region unlikely to fade in popularity in the future, so property in Tuscany remains a particularly sound investment. Whether you’re looking to spend less than €150.000, or more than €1milion, there are wise buyes in Tuscany to suit you.

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