More than just wine….the best handcrafted beer of Tuscany.

Tuscany, you know, is famous for the wine. Whoever comes to Tuscany for a holiday cannot resist to taste one of the most famous wine, such as Chianti (Classico, Riserva, Gallo Nero,…whatsoever) or Brunello di Montalcino.
But in the last past years even the beer production is rising up: in fact the microbreweries are so many and specialized in quality beer production, with a wide range of flavors.
Even the wine bars and small general stores offer these goods, so uncommon in the past. Anyway our advice is to go to visit one of these firms: often behind each single company is hidden a good story to know!
Hence some tips for those who want make a tour in Tuscany, visiting Tuscan microbreweries.
L’Olmaia: set in the beautiful Val d’Orcia, nowadays has his headquarters at Montepulciano. It’s producing unpasteurised beers, not filtered and fermented twice. It’s a successful entity now: his beers are served in restaurants, in wine bars, and proper Italian bars. It’s exported in US and Australia as well. Beside the lager and stout, Christmas Duck, a bizarre Christmas beer.
Advised beers: La5, La9, BK
Where: Montepulciano (Siena)
For info:
Moa Beer: The name MOA is acronym of My Own Ale. Two Tuscan dude, with a passion for beers, decide to turn this passion to a business, working with the quality and enthusiasm proper of those who get involved in this new world recently (since 2011).
Advised beers: Pale Ale 12Plato, 14Plato and 16Plato (the last two with cacao and English hops).
Where: San Piero a Ponti, close to Florence.
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Bruton brewery: the name comes from a Greek term used on the island of Crete. The headquarters is in the Lucca district, along the Serchio river, with a meticulous care of the techniques of brewing. There is even the restaurant where you can taste culinary specialities sipping home-made beers.
Advised beers: the Bruton, a lager beer with a low alcohol content, and Lilith, inspired by the classic Ale and Americans.
Where: San Casciano di Moriano (Lucca)
For info:
Del Forte brewery: a pretty young firm  (since 2010) situated in the northing coast of Tuscany – in that Versilia so loved by VIPs and TV personalities – but already capable to outstand at international levels. Indeed it won the European Beer Star award with two beers (gold and silver medals).
Advised beers: La Mancina (lager beers with fruits flavor) and La 2 Cilindri (black delicate beer).
Where: Pietrasanta (Lucca)
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Math brewery: only one with some bravery can open a brewery in the hearth of Chianti Classico, or maybe just a French, with experience in Belgium, who fall in love so much with Tuscany to drive him to this crazy adventure.
Advised beers: La70 (Belgian Pale Ale), La16 (with jasmine flowers), La68 (hopped) and La27 (Dry Stout)
Where: San Donato in Poggio (Florence).
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San Quirico brewery: another firm in Val d’Orcia, in San Quirico that produces beers with high temperature fermentation process, not filtered and unpasteurized. The bound with the territory s tough, not only regarding the ingredients used, but even with the names chosen with care.
Advised beers: Iris, Giulitta.
Where: San Quirico d’Orcia (Siena)
For Info:

the best handcrafted beer of Tuscany

the best handcrafted beer of Tuscany

La Petrognola: another story between friends, that bound by the same passion, set up a company. We are in Garfagnana, famous for the wheat and indeed different beers are made from it: lager, stout, amber. The success of this brewery is due to Salone Del Gusto of Turin firstly, and then for “Best microbrewery beer of the year” award, issued by UnionBirrai in 2006.
Advised beers: Ambrata al Farro, Neral al Farro, Bianca al Farro, Sandy Rossa forte al Farro and the Birra (red) di Natale.
Where: Piazza al Serchio (Lucca)
For info:

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