Florence: the 5 best restaurants of 2014, according to food&beverage guides.

Florence: the 5 best restaurants of 2014, according to food&beverage guides.

Florence is known all over the world, not only for its architectonic and cultural heritages, but also for the high quality of its food. Every year new restaurants open and those already existing boost their reputation. But how can we find out which ones are the best? Where are the best chefs or the best wine cellars?

Ristorante Ora d’Aria

The real gourmets use to follow the advice of the well-known guides of the sector, that with the help of stars, scores, “hats” and “forks” try to give an evaluation of the restaurants that deserve to stay over the podium of Tuscany kitchen.
The most famous guides are:

  • The Michelin Guide, which assigns to the excellences a number of stars, from one to three.
  • The Gambero Rosso, which assigns points from 60 to 100, and for the best restaurants also “forks” from one to a maximum of five.
  • The guide of Espresso (Italian magazine), which assigns the vote in twentieth, and for the best a numbers of “hats”, from one to three again.

As follows then, according to the three guides listed above, which one are the best 5 restaurants in Florence.

  • On the top of the podium, for all three guides, since years now, there is the Enoteca Pinchiorri ( http://www.enotecapinchiorri.it/ ). With 18.5/20 for the Espresso, 3 Michelin’s stars and 5 forks and 89/100 for the Gambero Rosso. Do not get confused by the name, define it an “enoteca” is reducing. Beyond being the 5th wine cellar best well-matched in the world, with very rare wines from years hardly difficult to find somewhere else, it’s even a high level restaurant. Annie Feoldie and Giorgio Pinchiorri since 40 years love to delight their guests with refined menus and pleasant surprises. Right in the city’s centre, close to the church of Santa Croce it’s opened only at dinner time. An experience you must try at least once in your life.
  •  In the second place, a restaurant opened not long time ago, which rapidly seduced the city: Il Palagio ( http://www.ilpalagioristorante.it/ ) located inside the luxury Four Seasons hotel. The chef Vito Mollica got 17/20 from Espresso, 1 Michelin’s star and 85/100 from Gambero Rosso. You have to try a lunch a dinner or a brunch at Sunday, in the enchanting rooms of Gherardesca palace or – in summer – in the garden (in Italian style, a park of 4,5 hectares in the heart of Florence!). Available also for aperitifs, afternoon tea and special events.
  • The BSJ: it’s another one located inside a hotel premises and ruled by a truly talented woman. Beatrice Segoni, ex stylish, now a chef working for Ferragamo: she managed to put together her origin from Marche with the Tuscan kitchen and international influences, in an unique location, few meters away from Ponte Vecchio. You must try a dinner on the terrace over the Arno river, with a view of the oldest bridge of Florence. The Espresso rated this restaurant 16/20, the Michelin 3 forks and the Gambero Rosso 82/100.
  • A young chef that rapidly climb the standing of the foods excellences is Marco Stabile and its Ora d’Aria ( http://www.oradariaristorante.com/ ). In a narrow street near Ponte Vecchio, a restaurant furnished with a contemporary style, which adores experimenting. Awards didn’t come late: one star, 15/20 from Epresso and 79/100 for Gambero Rosso. At lunch the formula “tapas” with half portions, allow to taste all courses on the menu.

    Marco Stabile

  • Another woman, Giovanna Iorio, who from south of Italy, several years ago, came to Florence to run Alle Murate restaurant ( http://www.allemurate.it/), a rare union of foods excellences and art. Indeed, because inside the restaurant deserves a visit even for the cultural value of the frescos: it’s represented the real face of Dante Alighieri! You can rent an audio guide in 7 different languages which will tell you the history of the building and its basement of roman origin. Espresso: 14.5/20. Michelin: 2 forks. Gambero Rosso: 83/100.

Of course there are many other places to be mentioned, such as Cibreo and Oliviero, or Pane e Olio, il Sanato Bevitore, the Bottega del Buon Caffè. By the way, the choice will not be easy at all! Just try al of them, then!

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