Florence, the location of the new Dan Brown’s book

The world-famous American writer Dan Brown, author of best sellers such as “The Da Vinci Code” (80 millions of copies sold around the world) and “Angels& Demons”, chose Florence as location for his new intriguing thriller “Inferno”.

Inferno Dan Brown

The title is clearly referred to the “Divina Commedia” of Dante Alighieri, and indeed through the pages, many are the places, the quotes and the tributes to the poets and to his most relevant work.
Robert Langdon is still the main character, but this time he is in Florence chasing same odd clues and at the same time trying to run away from some dodgy blokes who want him dead. The entire story is developed across the narrow medieval streets of the old city, the Duomo square, Palazzo Vecchio and the Boboli garden. Among the astonishment for the beauty of artworks encountered and the concern for his life, the well-known symbols expert manages to unveil antique mysteries.
Somebody, while reading the book, will get so enthusiastic and will start thinking if some secret passages inside the old historic buildings mentioned in the book really exist. Well, they should be happy to know that is possible to make the same itinerary of Langdon.
There is a new tour, organized by Made of Tuscany (in Italian http://www.madeoftuscany.it/ and in English http://www.toursguidesflorence.com/ ), that offers the chance to follow an emotional itinerary based on the book’s character footsteps (not only Langdon!).
We tried it for you and we can assure that is really amazing. Walking through almost unheard-of places, away from big tourism routes, for example like the jungle of beams

Salone del Cinquecento

and struts that sustain the ceiling of the Salone del Cinquecento, where one of the main scene of the book take place.
The tour are two: one “standard” of about 2 hours, that includes the main stages of the Langdon’s research, and another a bit longer, personalized, which includes even routes usually not easy to access to the tourists (for example the Vasari Corridor) or like the option to book a visit to the Baptistery just for you.
It’s really a different way of visiting the beautiful artworks of Florence and its monuments. The guide not only knows the book very well but he/she even an expert of arts and so able to provide you all kind of historical and cultural information about the things you will be watching. During the tour the guide will talk with a particularly recitative declination to make you feeling the suspense and the thrill, and making the tour even better.
We suggest it also to the fan of Dante Alighieri, because in these tours you will find some interesting things: the (alleged) house of Dante, the church where Dante ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Margherita_de’_Cerchi ) met his muse Beatrice and the place that contain his death mask.
A trip for discovering a book and a city, with the Dan Brown’s eyes.

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