Discover Tuscany on board of….a steam engine train !

You can visit Tuscany in few different ways: by bicycle, by car, by motorbike: every time it’s a different experience admiring its beauty. Of course, if you have already been in Tuscany for holidays you have already used one of this means of transportation to move, but almost none of you would have used the emotion of moving by an old steam engine train!

Tuscany trains steam engine

Since several years, Tuscany proposes, in spring and autumn, a dive in the past through some Sunday scheduled for the visit of territory by a steam engine train! Thanks to the restoring of old dismissed railways, some tours have been organized using old rail motor coach.

From mid October till December, it will be possible travelling with a special “Trenonatura” which will be passing through the most beautiful areas of the region, put together artistic/naturalistic and gastronomic itinerary.

Usually the train is departing from Siena (or from Grosseto) and heading to Valdorcia and Crete Senesi. Towns like Abbadia San Salvatore, San Giovanni d’Asso, San Quirico d’ Orcia and Amiata Mountain are usually among the destinations of these special tours.

The train trips are scheduled for the autumn feast: Porcino mushroom, chestnuts, truffles, olive oil and obviously the wine (such as Chianti or Brunello di Montalcino). So visiting old historical villages of Tuscany, you will taste the delicacies of the territory.

In December good example is visiting local Christmas markets.

Each tour usually last from the morning to the evening, so are not too much long and it is an idea to spend a funny and relaxing day. Tour must be booked and paid in advance, and few days before you will receive your ticket with your wagon and seat numbers. And of course, like any other old train the seat is made by wood!

Just think about the old locomotive of ‘800 that puff steam, with the engine driver feeding the engine with coal and the black smoke. You will be dreaming to be in the Far West! And instead you will be in Valdorcia.

If you have kids, they will love it.

Live the emotion of antique explorers watching at your window and see the uncontaminated   passing through for an holiday “slower” than what you are used to.
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