Ballooning in Tuscany

October and the first days of November are still great months for those who want to experience the thrill of ballooning in Tuscany. Usually during these weeks the days are still quite sunny and you can enjoy beautiful flights over the hills of Tuscany enjoying its fantastic sceneries.

ballooning over Tuscany

Tuscany, unlike other regions, offers incredible natural landscapes where the mankind has created architectural and artistic beauties that integrate seamlessly into the environment.

Surely one of the most exciting balloon ride is when you flew over the landscape of the Chianti and Colle Val D’Elsa enjoying a beautiful sunrise over a sunny morning.

Balloons in Tuscany

It must be said that in a balloon flight cannot be decided the direction as it is the wind thatdecides the route and sometimes the weather can make this walk is very short. A balloon flight requires excellent weather and out takes place very early in the morning to avoid temperature changes occurring with the heat of the Sun.

A balloon ride in Tuscany is an experience somewhat expensive (prices are around 250-300 euros per person depending on the operator) but is certainly a unique and wonderful memories to remember for a lifetime.


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