Authentic Tuscan experience - Hot air balloon rides

Top 4 Reasons to Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Tuscany
It’s a breathtaking vision which is truly the stuff of dreams: soaring over lush valleys, rugged mountains, majestic rivers and sylvan vineyards which are home to the terracotta roofs of white-washed villas and rambling cottages. In the distance, great cities loom while the wine dark sea is just another sweep among the clouds away.

Hot air balloon rides in Tuscany

There isn’t a more spell-binding, serene way to travel than hot air ballooning around some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes – and the magnificent countryside of the Italian peninsula is only the beginning.

The World’s Legendary Waters
Without a doubt, the Mediterranean is one of the world’s most popular destinations – truly the middle of the earth and cradle of history. Its irresistible natural and historical appeal has seen billions of travellers pass though its shores on many ports of call, enjoying some of the finest voyages that the sea has to offer. Its classical landscapes make it perfect for a variety of excursions, where travellers disembark on their ships to cycle along shore lines, navigate ruins, and take off on beautiful balloon rides as well as partake in several other recreational sports which reveal what the splendours of the land. Presenting some of the most unique diving opportunities as well as a myriad of other watersports, the Mediterranean is the perfect sea for discovering magnificent views of the waters which have been the stuff of legend for centuries and the life and breath of the thousands of towns and cities scatted on its shores.

Land through Another Lens
Exploring a charming, cobblestone street with festive piazzas and lively terraces first-hand is an incomparable experience – but getting to float above and enjoy a bird’s eye view of some of the most iconic sites of Italy is truly spectacular. Hundreds of feet above the ground, travellers have a chance to witness some of the most marvellous creations of nature and humanity alike. With its vivid red domed roofs and fascinating design, the city of Florence – once the home of the exiled Dante Alighieri, renowned writer of The Divine Comedy and Michelangelo’s David – is spectacular from above. The Cradle of the Renaissance has been left virtually untouched by the throngs of modern commercialisation and industrialisation, presenting magnificent views that are truly unparalleled at sunset and throughout the day. Floating blissfully above other famous towns like Siena and the breathtaking Tuscan countryside, the sites of old Etruscan ruins, lush vineyards and tall pines dominate the rolling hills create a picture painting.

Exuberant Culture, Vibrant Life
Without a doubt, Tuscany boasts some of the warmest and friendliest communities in northern Italy, exhibiting a distinct and enduring way of life. Old time traditions mingle with the new, and anyone visiting the region will have their choice of delectable cuisine and world-class wines to choose from. Between balloon rides, why not relax on a terrace and listen to the local musicians while sipping a fine glass of deep red, enjoying a plate of a marvellous authentic dish? Why not explore a neighbouring vineyard for a first-hand taste of one of the world’s oldest traditions, passed down from generation to generation through the careful cultivation of the vine to its creation into the drink of the gods? With its rich history preserved in the living streets to the galleries and museums which grace its cities, Tuscany is simply animated with mystery and art, revealing its story through beautiful creations and hospitable people. There isn’t a better place to enjoy an escape and take to the skies.

Adrenaline Rush, Serene Escape
Unlike many pastimes, hot air ballooning offers the best of both worlds – adrenaline-driving excitement and endless serenity. From the anticipatory launch to rising into the clouds and soaring gently along the skyline, this old art is a wonderful pastime which is perfect for just about everyone, and offers the most unique experience for exploring the land from above. As well as the sensation of flying through the air and watching pastoral scenes of old times past float by, it’s a chance to see the world through another perspective and marvel at the beauty which we so often take for granted. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity which you will remember forever – so begin your adventure and escape to Tuscany’s legendary skies!

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