Florence Café Culture

As my language skills improved, so too did my ability to sek out the city’s most exciting and authentic bars and restaurants. In order to truly blend in with the locals, bear in mind that many Florentines eat breakfast and lunch standing up in their favourite informal bars.

Authentic bars and restaurants in Florence

Order a glass of Prosecco and a truffle panino in the high-ceilinged, wood-panelled Procacci on Via de’ Tornabuoni - most locals pop in between 5 pm and 6 pm for swift refreshment. For the sweet-toothed, a strawberry tart and an iced coffee at the mint green counter of Dolci & Dolcezze on Piazza Beccaria is a perfect indulgence - this famous bakery provides cakes and pastries to the best restaurants in town. Many bars serve substantial snacks with an evening aperitif, try the cold pastas and rice salads at Colle Bereto on Piazza Strozzi. And for truly authentic freshly-baked focaccia, visit Cantinetta dei Verrazzano on Via Tavolini before heading opposite to the legendary Perchè no!…gelateria for delicious ice cream.
Many Florentines prefer to eat simply in well-loved trattorie. Trattoria Cammillo on Borgo San Jacopo offers Tuscan delicacies like deep-fried brains and chicken galantine served at crisp white-linened tables by friendly and attentive staff.
No meal is ever complete for me without a ritualistic evening trip to Rivoire in Piazza della Signoria for a legendary hot chocolate with whipped cream. Like so many good things in Florence, it has become favoured by tourists, and this sweet treat is a secret that the city loves to share.

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