5 jaw-dropping villa suites in Tuscany

5 jaw-dropping villa suites in Tuscany

Villa Fienile:

Villa Fienile

Villa Fienile is an ancient barn renovated and furnished in a typical Tuscan style. Tuscan villa with private pool colse to Faltognano (1 km), in the country of Florence, Tuscany.
Listing: http://www.tuscanyaccommodations.org/uk/Villas_in_Tuscany-6/Florence_Villas-14/Villa_Fienile-403/

Villa Cognaia:

Villa Cognaia

A unique view ! A Luxury villa in Arezzo, Tuscany
Listing: http://www.tuscanyaccommodations.org/uk/Villas_in_Tuscany-6/Arezzo_Villas-11/Villa_Cognaia-465/

Villa la Torre:

Villa la Torre

A castle for holiday in the heart of Tuscany.
Listing: http://www.tuscanyaccommodations.org/uk/Holiday_Castles__Luxury_Villas_in_Tuscany-8/zone-0/Villa_La_Torre-25/

Villa Angelica:

Villa Angelica, Volterra

This is an elegant liberty stile villa built around  1800, carefully restored approximately 10 years ago, maintaining its typical architecture
Listing: http://www.tuscanyaccommodations.org/uk/Villas_in_Tuscany-6/Pisa_Villas-17/Villa_Angelica-319/

Villa il Santo:

Tuscany Villa

Very beautiful and luxury villa provided with swimming pool situated on an overlooking panoramic place. where everything is Amazing……..
Listing: http://www.tuscanyaccommodations.org/uk/Holiday_Castles__Luxury_Villas_in_Tuscany-8/zone-0/Villa_Il_Santo-453/

You have to feel good, in Tuscany, in incredible accommodations

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